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In pursuit of elevating her drawings, Emilie has began to paint her characters onto canvas using an array of mixed media. Inspired by the ever-growing graffiti that she sees in Soho on her way to work each morning, Emilie has attempted to recreate that playful and rebellious visual communication within her own practise.

Like the posters plastered on the walls, Emilie utilises her physical animation frames to paste onto the canvas. Using pens, paints and other materials she replicates the mischievous nature of graffiti by constantly layering and creating images or text that fight for dominance. 

As a baseline, she uses the inspiration of her characters, nostalgia and childhood comics to navigate what the piece will be. However, as she works, she uses her instincts to add areas of automatic mark-making to add another tie to her unconscious. 


These paintings become a whimsical portal into her mind; an amalgamation of memories, thoughts and abstractions.

Graffiti Dreamscapemixed media painting on canvas, approx 100 x 120 cm.

Rökning är ENERGY, mixed media painting on canvas, approx 30 X 45 cm.

Chi Chi, mixed media painting on canvas, approx 150 X 100 cm, a work in progress. 

Kung Knalle, mixed media painting on canvas, approx 420 X 594 cm. 

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