Emilie's Illustrations & Illustrative Artwork

Emilie enjoys to illustrate in a playful style, using colourful and cartoonish imagery but still highlights skill and  aesthetic understanding. 

Emilie's illustrations are created using mixed media. She typically uses ink, marker pens, acrylic paint, comic book clippings, pencil and crayons.


 November Oranj Wine Case Poster, mixed media piece showcasing the character Oddsöcks drinking a glass of wine. Created for Oranj in collaboration with the restaurant SLURP.

Untitled-Artwork (31).png

STACKgraphite pencil study inspired by graffiti typography and current art practice, drawn on A4 paper. 

Untitled-Artwork (32).png

Smokin' Packetmixed media drawing inspired by fast food packaging and cigarette packets. 

origamik graphic1.jpg

A Land Beforemixed media drawing and digital edits for an upcoming album. 


The Cigburglar, ink painting character study.


Untitledmixed media character experiment.

supreme socks.jpg
Untitled_Artwork (7).png
sevenoaks bin.jpg
donald hoodie.jpg

Supreme Socks, mixed media character experiment.

Shirt, Socks and Shoxx, mixed media character experiment.

Cigarette Goes in the Bin, mixed media character experiment.

DONALD On My Hoodie, mixed media character experiment.

lil car.jpg

Boots Too Big for the Benz, mixed media painting on canvas board. 


DEAD, ink painting.