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Emilie Inger Camilla Branford

Newcastle Univeristy Fine Art Graduate

Emilie Inger Camilla Branford, born 1998, is a multidisciplinary artist from Kent. She graduated from Newcastle University in 2020 with a First Class BA Honours in Fine Art.


Emilie enjoys creating conceptual artwork that blend artistic disciplines and materials, she creates unique hybrids that are reflective of her own identity. 

At university, Emilie explored Jungian 'Shadow Theory' and the human psyche, by creating an alter ego she named Twoshoes.

Twoshoes allowed Emilie to discuss the human experience within her work. She believes that to appreciate the lightness and beauty in life, it is paramount to express the universal darkness of humanity. The resulting artwork was sinister and haunting in nature, yet profound and touching.



Instagram: @_twoshoes 


During the winter lockdown of 2020, Emilie was inspired to delve back into her childhood memories in order to escape the harsh realities of the restrictions.

This exploration of nostalgia motivated Emilie to expand her investigation of self-portraiture by creating characters that represent aspects of her personality. By taking inspiration from the charmingly relatable animated characters that lived inside her VHS tapes, she creates a universe where she can tackle her own emotional issues and fears without judgement.

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